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US-9864036-B2: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using SPIR and/or chess suppression pulses patent, US-9864752-B2: Multilayer policy language structure patent, US-9866151-B2: Electrostatic chuck, glass substrate processing method, and said glass substrate patent, US-9866218-B2: Boolean logic in a state machine lattice patent, US-9866630-B2: System, method and apparatus for media submission patent, US-9866794-B2: Portable presentation system and methods for use therewith patent, US-9868339-B2: Vehicle side door structure and method of making and using the same patent, US-9868663-B2: Glass ceramics having low rhodium levels patent, US-9869067-B2: Snow plow and mount assembly patent, US-9873690-B2: 3-indol substituted derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions and methods for use patent, US-9874300-B2: Connecting device for media lines patent, US-9877763-B2: Surgical, torque-transferring instrument including an associated tool patent, US-9881848-B2: Thermal interface material on package patent, US-9881908-B2: Integrated fan-out package on package structure and methods of forming same patent, US-9883015-B2: Mobile terminal device patent, US-9883454-B2: Feedback message alignment for multicarrier systems with flexible bandwidth carrier patent, US-9884739-B2: Method for removal of yarn, especially faulty yarn, from inter-storage of yarn at operating unit of textile machine and device for carrying out the method patent, US-9885010-B2: Apparatus and method for aging liquids patent, US-9887562-B2: Smart cart patent, US-D429917-S: Highboy patent, US-D486157-S: Element of a cowling patent, US-D515780-S: Baked snack chip having scalloped edges patent, US-D631825-S: Battery pack patent, US-D639398-S: Fluid coupling patent, US-D645252-S: Toothbrush patent, US-D669867-S: Control panel patent, US-D672752-S: Adapter patent, US-D687810-S: Speaker patent, US-D700633-S: Asphalt repair device patent, US-D709704-S: Box patent, US-D715813-S: Display screen with graphical user interface patent, US-D716580-S: Remote control holder patent, US-D731749-S: Swimsuit top patent, US-D732044-S: Input device for an electronic tablet patent, US-D733985-S: Motorized ticket scraping device patent, US-D735118-S: Tire patent, US-D737365-S: Percussion instrument patent, US-D737806-S: Mobile telephone holder patent, US-D738197-S: Seed tube extension bracket patent, US-D738957-S: Transaction product patent, US-D739468-S: Floating target game patent, US-D749667-S: Lens carrier patent, US-D750022-S: Multi-direction socket patent, US-D750305-S: Combination flashlight and stun gun patent, US-D750423-S: Storage container seal and storage containers patent, US-D750605-S: Communication adapter patent, US-D751893-S: Packaging patent, US-D752036-S: Portable electronic device patent, US-D753781-S: Firearm magazine loader patent, US-D756055-S: Hand hydraulic floor jack patent, US-D756984-S: Case for electronic device patent, US-D757323-S: Greenhouse light patent, US-D758196-S: Container patent, US-D758341-S: Loudspeaker box patent, US-D759121-S: Electronic device patent, US-D760248-S: Display screen with graphical user interface patent, US-D763916-S: Display screen or portion thereof with icon patent, US-D764445-S: Headphone patent, US-D764546-S: Display screen with an icon patent, US-D764871-S: Food cup patent, US-D765036-S: Vertical electrical connector patent, US-D770521-S: Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface patent, US-D772058-S: Rectangular tub patent, US-D773080-S: Light head patent, US-D773790-S: Shoe midsole periphery patent, US-D774746-S: Umbrella handle patent, US-D776648-S: Case for electronic device patent, US-D777419-S: Pill container patent, US-D777442-S: Electrolytic brush patent, US-D778546-S: Flat thick hat brim patent, US-D780702-S: Keypad patent, US-D781038-S: Shoe outsole patent, US-D781386-S: Putter grip patent, US-D783209-S: Telescopic pet food funnel with handle patent, US-D784467-S: Baseball bat swing trainer patent, US-D784804-S: Wiper blade package with sleeve patent, US-D785375-S: Desk patent, US-D786916-S: Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface patent, US-D787604-S: Corner mount sign holder patent, US-D790598-S: Skid steer loader patent, US-D793074-S: Protective case for electronics patent, US-D793502-S: Golf club head patent, US-D795020-S: Bottle patent, US-D795268-S: Display screen computing device with graphical user interface patent, US-D796108-S: Lighting fixture patent, US-D797766-S: Display device with a probing dental keyboard graphical user interface patent, US-D799565-S: Cooler patent, US-D800191-S: Linear guideway with a drive patent, US-D800227-S: Tetrahedral negative universal joint block patent, US-D800676-S: Heat sink patent, US-D800678-S: Light emitting diode patent, US-D802036-S: Loading device for placing a substance in a pre-rolled cone patent, US-D808350-S: Fixture for delivering interconnect members onto a substrate patent, US-RE35423-E: Method and apparatus for performing automated circuit board solder quality inspections patent, US-RE38146-E: Method and apparatus for bilateral intra-aortic bypass patent, US-RE38288-E: Liquid crystal display with polymeric support patent, US-RE39575-E: Substituted thioacetamides patent, US-RE40363-E: Footgear with pressure relief zones patent, US-RE41676-E: Intelligent serial battery charger and charging block patent, US-RE42539-E: Network and method for providing a calling name telecommunications service with automatic speech recognition capability patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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