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US-2008077157-A1: Insertion apparatus having a concave surface patent, US-2008079421-A1: Multi-sensor distortion mapping method and system patent, US-2008091250-A1: Light therapy desk lamp patent, US-2008112555-A1: Call answering patent, US-2008236938-A1: Induction system duct with noise attenuating holes patent, US-2009021378-A1: Electronic Article Surveillance Tag Having a Detrimental Substance Expulsion System With Breakable Vial patent, US-2009098870-A1: Supporting data roaming in GPRS networks patent, US-2010056348-A1: Portable Mountable Upper-Body Exercise Device patent, US-2010069645-A1: 2-(5-bromo-4-(4-cyclopropylnaphthalen-1-yl)-4h-1,2,4-triazol-3-ylthio)acetic acid and methyl ester patent, US-2010083498-A1: Camshaft lobe and method of making same patent, US-2004215729-A1: System and method for routing electronic documents patent, US-2005045043-A1: Energy and/or mass exchange apparatus having an integrated fluid separator patent, US-2005104407-A1: Vehicle door wedge assembly patent, US-2005115394-A1: System for attaching a noise suppressor to a firearm patent, US-2005157012-A1: System for securing integrated circuits to a pagewidth printhead assembly patent, US-2006021722-A1: Bracket mount structure patent, US-2006143785-A1: Insulated and moisture resistant glove for holding beverage containers patent, US-2007041269-A1: Tripod-mounted magnetic mixer apparatus and method patent, US-2007079836-A1: Reusable Infusion Site and Method of Using the Same patent, US-2007164156-A1: Continuous power bus for seat power patent, US-2007213112-A1: Skill-based games played for prizes patent, US-2007250606-A1: Portable metadata service framework patent, US-2008100162-A1: Magnetic Bearings patent, US-2009052397-A1: Optimizing in-order delivery of data packets during wireless communication handover patent, US-2009083688-A1: Method and apparatus for generating a layout for a transistor patent, US-2009119233-A1: Power Optimization Through Datacenter Client and Workflow Resource Migration patent, US-2009147236-A1: Servo Control System, Lithographic Apparatus and Control Method patent, US-2009154683-A1: Integrated disparate intelligent peripherals patent, US-2009257203-A1: Mobile communication device with replaceable functional modules patent, US-2010059530-A1: Can End for a Can and Such Can patent, US-2004139918-A1: Cricket habitat and retail receptacle patent, US-2005025199-A1: Wavelength tunable laser patent, US-2005035674-A1: Electric motor stator current controller patent, US-2005265749-A1: Image forming device patent, US-2006029759-A1: Bi-directional substrate design for aircraft escape slide airbeams patent, US-2006038131-A9: Scintillator panel and radiation image sensor patent, US-2006067071-A1: Pocket light patent, US-2006096996-A1: Secure removable gripping device patent, US-2006195598-A1: Information providing device,method, and information providing system patent, US-2006263259-A1: Apparatus and method for sample preparation and direct spotting eluants onto a MALDI-TOF target patent, US-2007269020-A1: System and method for mitigating audible acknowledgement volume in a vehicle security system patent, US-2007297747-A1: Birefringent structured film for led color mixing in a backlight patent, US-2008113072-A1: Solid molasses products from liquid molasses patent, US-2008138318-A1: Compositions Comprising Viruses and Methods for Concentrating Virus Preparations patent, US-2008173491-A1: Snowmobile front suspension patent, US-2008187996-A1: Nanofibers, nanofilms and methods of making/using thereof patent, US-2008218290-A1: Automatic Driver/Transmission Line/Receiver Impedance Matching Circuitry patent, US-2009173463-A1: Security paper material, in particular for labelling and packaging, and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2009276542-A1: Method and apparatus for time and frequency transfer in communication networks patent, US-2010042342-A1: Method and Apparatus for Measurement of Mechanical Characteristics of a Cement Sample patent, US-2003230009-A1: Marine-based platform for dredged solids management patent, US-2004074335-A1: Powder metal connecting rod patent, US-2004172336-A1: Method and apparatus for advertising objects patent, US-2005046440-A1: Fault tolerant vital power supply system patent, US-2005241445-A1: Machine for cutting openings in a substrate patent, US-2006043747-A1: Adjustable mount for vacuum cup patent, US-2006054066-A1: Pneumatic table assembly patent, US-2006264055-A1: Methods for controlling feature dimensions in crystalline substrates patent, US-2007134077-A1: Rack, conveyor and shuttle automated pick system patent, US-2007143724-A1: Method and apparatus for diffusion based cell placement migration patent, US-2007255181-A1: Lancing device with integrated light source patent, US-2008267699-A1: Method of molding a connector and tubing assembly patent, US-2008287218-A1: Training balls for varying ball speed, methods of use, and systems patent, US-2008313533-A1: Dynamically laying out images and associated text using pre-defined layouts patent, US-2009122915-A1: Digital broadcasting trasmission/reception system having improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof patent, US-2009279722-A1: Wireless headset device capable of providing balanced stereo and method thereof patent, US-2010057441-A1: Information processing apparatus and operation setting method patent, US-2004002554-A1: Porous membrane structure and method patent, US-2004069799-A1: Flow controller for container patent, US-2004176548-A1: Heat and oil resistant thermoplastic elastomer patent, US-2004213375-A1: Radiation sources and radiation scanning systems with improved uniformity of radiation intensity patent, US-2006118180-A1: System and method to transfer fluid patent, US-2006173428-A1: Absorbent article with logically correlated image and textual graphics patent, US-2006194708-A1: Detergents or cleaning agents patent, US-2007073530-A1: Electronic device equipped with a voice user interface and a method in an electronic device for performing language configurations of a user interface patent, US-2007215403-A1: Vehicle Having Twin Transmissions for Driving Respective Wheels patent, US-2007267318-A1: Dispensing Package patent, US-2008034522-A1: Vacuum dust collector brush assembly patent, US-2009327739-A1: Key-based content management and access systems and methods patent, US-2004032867-A1: Eliminating memory corruption when performing tree functions on multiple threads patent, US-2004052086-A1: Vehicle brake light system and method patent, US-2004087476-A1: Polymeric assisted delivery using separate addition patent, US-2004219587-A1: Vaccine against lipopolysaccharide core patent, US-2005011798-A1: Package for shipping stackable articles patent, US-2005179193-A1: Processing sheet media patent, US-2006103383-A1: Magnetic resonance imaging system patent, US-2006272209-A1: Multi-purpose decorative assembly patent, US-2007065074-A1: Biochemical assay detection using a fiber optic exciter patent, US-2007151548-A1: Valve Assembly for Paintball Guns and the Like, and Improved Guns Incorporating the Assembly patent, US-2007192832-A1: Apparatus and method for protection of management frames patent, US-2007199063-A1: Limited-use browser and security system patent, US-2008010531-A1: Classifying faults associated with a manufacturing process patent, US-2008019206-A1: Integrated circuit having a memory with low voltage read/write operation patent, US-2008036233-A1: Portable vehicle and/or equipment storm shield patent, US-2008037716-A1: Method and system to select messages using voice commands and a telephone user interface patent, US-2009277147-A1: Draper head with flexible cutterbar having rigid center section patent, US-2009287849-A1: Exchange Of Events Based Synchronization Of Browsers patent, US-2010043533-A1: Pneumatic assembly for a pressure decay tester patent, US-2010075608-A1: Wireless mobile communication system for vehicle and method of use patent, US-2004068895-A1: Cultivating tool and apparatus incorporating same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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